Join us!

AEGEE-Torino is a young and heterogeneous group, and is always looking for new people! 

What do we offer ? First of all, so many new friends from all around Europe, but also the possibility to give vent to your passions and develop those soft skills that are in great demand in the job market. Have you always had a passion for photography? Would you like to learn how to organize an event? Did you want to be an artist but your parents pushed you to enroll in an engineering programme? We want you!

In AEGEE, you will be able to apply and deepen your interests, with the support of a structured association open to all contributions.

All our events and our projects are the result of the passion (or madness) of our members, many of whom had never imagined that they could implement their ideas in such a simple and effective way.

In addition, the association organizes events reserved for members only, ranging from cultural exchanges to training courses around Europe, all at very low prices and with young participants from more than 160 cities.

You will be able to improve highly requested skills such as the ability to speak in public and manage a team.

I know what you are thinking, that all of this is amazing, but I have not yet told you what complex initiation rite you have to endure to join us.

Since current laws do not allow us to undergo degrading tests, we will be satisfied with your presence at one of our weekly meetings, during which you will have the opportunity to get to know us and ask about all your doubts.

AEGEE incurs expenses for organizing its activities, therefore the registration has a cost. AEGEE-Torino requires that new members pay an annual registration fee of 20 euros, whereas the renewal of the membership costs only 15€.

If you can’t come to a meeting or just want to know more…