International events

Being part of AEGEE does not just mean having fun and meeting new people in Turin. Being a member offers you the opportunity to travel and broaden your horizons by meeting other young people around Europe!

Are you tired of a sedentary lifestyle and would you like to have a unique travel experience at very low prices?

You can access more than 400 EVENTS across Europe and spend a maximum of €11 PER DAY! AEGEE offers all kinds of events: from survival mode adventurous trips to training courses!


The largest statutory event held twice a year and brings together more than 800 members from all over Europe!

During the day…

… we take important decisions on the objectives of the Association and we elect the members of the European bodies.

At night…

… We enjoy ourselves according to the highest European standards, as only we AEGEEans can do!

Experience 5 unforgettable days of challenging debates and unforgettable fun, immersed in a magical European city and surrounded by a fully international atmosphere!

Are you ready to go?

Summer University

The Summer University project was born in 1988 and is the most long-lived and representative projects of the association. Summer Universities are thematic cultural exchanges that take place in summer in most of the cities where AEGEE is present. Each SU involves between 20 and 50 young people from all around Europe. Let the local kids guide you in places that are unknown to tourist guides and fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

57 destinations, fantastic travel companions, an incredible experience

Next Summer, 57 Summer Universities will be organized in every corner of Europe: from the exotic Canary Islands in the deep European West to the super far-east Russian city of Samara, from the cold Helsinki to the hot Crete, for a total of 1614 participants involved in the exchanges.