Our events

AEGEE-Torino organizes cultural and recreational events, in the spirit of the Association and in order to promulgate its principles.

Wow, but how do I participate? Simple, you show up at the event, you don’t need to be a member to have fun!

Aperitifs, city tours, karaoke, we have everything you need to entertain you, in a multicultural context where you can meet Italian and international people and improve your language skills.

Upcoming events

“Aperitivo Linguistico: Use Your Tongue” is the most exclusive and great aperitif in the city: good food, good music and many interesting people to meet! You can speak your favorite languages ​​and always get to know new people!

It is the masterpiece-event of AEGEE-Torino, and it is known to be one of the most and famous aperitifs in the city and one of the most appreciated local events in the AEGEE-Network.

The mantra “Use Your Tongue” is simple: eat, drink, speak!

Have you just arrived in Turin? Do you want to meet locals or other international students? Thrown into our arms, we are incredibly beautiful.

The dream of your life is to become an Olympic glass lifting champion? You are in the right place! Assault with us the best bars in the city center and drink at a special price!

The craziest, the most alcoholic, the most out of tune karaoke in Turin. The Japanese invented it, we made it legendary.